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Stream restoration: learning as you go

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Excellent article here in the New York Times regarding stream restoration:




Here's a quote:


"Many hydrologists and geologists say people embark on projects without fully understanding the waterways they want to restore and without paying enough attention to what happens after a project is finished."


The gist of the article is that the demand for stream restorations has outstripped the science. Restorations are very expensive, often fail, and generally need more monitoring and research to the feedback necessary to improve the way they are done.


Kudos to the ISA for following up with support for monitoring on the Clear Creek restoration they helped fund last year.

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Back in 2001 I got a couple nice publications from Trout Unlimited on stream restoration. They were;


Saving A Stream- A Practical Guide for Coldwater Habitat Projects


An Indexed Bibliography of Stream Habitat Restoration


I don't know if they are still availible but both were well worth what I paid, $10 for both if I remember right. The contact information then was ;


Trout Unlimited

Attn:Allison Benedetti

1500 Wilson Blvd., Suite 310

Arlinton, Va. 22209-2404


Phone 703-522-0200

Fax 703-284-9400


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