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Gill report


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Floatubed 4x for b'gills at Mazonia. The 2 in May were unproductive even though last year I got all the 8-9" gills I wanted in the 1st 2 weeks of that month.The 2 in June were fair.The gill fishing was much slower than in the last few years probably due to the colder temps and endless procession of violent weather fronts.The pits I fished have many good spawning sights yet I didn't see a single bed. I've heard that when conditions are unfavorable spawning may be aborted with the eggs being reabsorbed by the females.Don't know if that's true but if it is that would explain the lack of beds.

The rod used is a 20 year old 6.5' Orvis Superfine 2wt teamed with a 5wt(not a misprint) Wulff Triangle Taper line,4x leader and my old standby fly, a sinking spider.[attachment=1779:2008_0602Image00

By the way most of the gills in these pix were not only still alive 45 minutes out of the water but were actually flopping around as I tried to take the shot.I think we underestimte the survivability of sunfish species which includes smallmouth bass.

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