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Point 19: Support your local DNR

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This is about simple practicality.


Whatever romanticized notions you have about the free-market, please, please please put them on the shelf when it comes to natural resource management.


There is not a free-market option to your local DNR. Period. Privatized fisheries on private land are fine and desirable as a sector of the recreational fisheries market (as long as they don't negatively impact the fisheries around them), but that's not where most of us live. Public fisheries managed for the common good are the only way most people can have a quality fisheries experience. If we fail there, we fail altogether.


Your local DNR struggles with all the complexities of ecosystems plus low levels of funding, critical patrons with unrealistic expectations, unmitigated political pressure, schizophrenic job goals and (in recent years) marginal job security. Cut these people a break.


In fact, roll up your sleeves and HELP them. Get to know your local district biologist. Offer to help sample. Help them get equpiment. You'll find out things you never knew about your local fisheries and you'll be supporting an organization that's doing the best it can for your local stream.

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Guest rich mc

#19 is no brainer. as most know we work with the idnr and forest preserve district biologists more and more each year. those that get a chance to work with them get valuable info and long lasting memories .

Tim, we will be posting the philosophies list. there is no need to go thru them one by one. that is unless an issue comes up that relates to one specifically. rich



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We here in Indiana have just secured a sign posting program with IDNR at our request. New signs for special reg's on our special reg streams will be going up very soon. As I understand it, IDNR fisheries biologists were ecstatic about our involvement as they have neither the time or resources to make this happen as needed. This also paves that way for us to post our own signs similar to ISA's in the future as well as fostering a good working relationship with our DNR which was sorely needed due to several past incidents before the current board members were running things.


John Bunner


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John, I can't emphasize enough how proud I am of your efforts in this regard.

That is a MAJOR step for your organization.

A heartfelt congratulations to all that made that happen.

Your organization and your watersheds are going to realize positive results for many years to come as a result of this grassroots effort.

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Rich, I don't expect all of the philosophies will generate discussion but I would like to get them on the web page and open for discussion if anyone has an interest. As you say, supporting the DNR is a "no brainer", but lo and behold there are things here to be said. It's pretty clear that not every one knows what the philosophies are.


AND...input from forum readers has already improved one of the philosohpies. The others might benefit as well.


John, the Indiana Smallmouth Alliance is an admirably focused and efficient organization. Your DNR is fortunate to have you indeed.

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Thanks for the support guys! This is a classic example of like minded folks working together, both here in Indiana as well as the ISA and INSA sharing resources and idea's!




I'd like to comment on #19 but I agree 110% so I guess there's not a whole lot to say on the matter. Should be a no brainier but obviously it isn't amongst the average joe as I read or hear bashing of our DNR on an almost daily basis. Education in conjunction with support for the DNR should go hand in hand as they mutually support each other.



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