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Water willow pattern

Norm M

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If you are on the water willow pattern and you want to give the fish a different look from the spinnerbait or jig/plastic that every one is using go with a crankbait.


I have the most success both catching fish and fewest snags by getting on top of the islets and or beds and working the crankbait from open water back into the bed. Be sure to work it as far back into the channels in the bed as possible.


Next best is casting up into the pockets and working it back out taking care to cover all the angles. Casting parrallel to a long run works but getting snagged partway can put the fish down for a bit when you get it. I tend to work it out far enough that it ticks the little points that stick out and get the really active fish.


If it snags you generally just stick your arm in the water and pull it loose, generally don't even get your elbow wet.Give the fish about 10 minutes or so and back at that spot.

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One other thing about the water willows , it doesn't take much of a drop to make the fish move. A 2 inch drop in the river and the fish pulled out of a lot of the shoreline beds.

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