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Fishing situation

Norm M

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Here's the deal,


Full moon, evening fishing, mayflys in the air, mating and laying eggs. The fish are ignoring the flys laying the eggs and the dead flys floating on the surface. They are eating the flys still twitching on the surface.


Water levels are dropping nicely about 5000 CFS and 2.5 on the height. Maybe 5-6 inches of visibility.

Channel between shore and water willow islet. 3 ft or so max depth mostly cobble bottom a couple three boulders. Also have water willows along shore in some spots. Haven't bothered with water temps figure most of the bass have spawned already post spawn to pre summer patterns. Good crawdad bite during day as well as water willow pattern going well.


How do you approach this ? I'll post what I did later.


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wow, sounds like you need an emerger pattern, sparkle dun perhaps. Of course that's if you happen to be fly fishing, otherwise I would imagine that there are various fish feeding on the mayflies so maybe a weightless fluke to try for the larger fish capitalizing on the opportunity. If you happened to have a couple flies with you and could tie on a dropper off a topwater bait maybe you could get a fly drifting by with spinning gear but that's a lot of work so either the fluke or a chugger to cause a little surface disturbance to trigger a competitive bite.




so whad'ya do?




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I ran a rattlebait about 1.5 feet below the surface. I worked under the smaller fish eating bugs for the bigger fish eating fish. A little over half the fish were over 15 inches .


I tried a topwater just to see what would happen but it got ignored. It may have been too big to interest the bug feeders and the other fish evidently just wouldn't come all the way up to the surface.

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