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next stop Independence MO

Steve SPIZ

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that's right SPIZ is leadding the charge from the bolingbrook Bass proshop for the field& stream total outdoorsman challenge in Independence Mo on the 28th of June :rolleyes:

I Qualified in baite casting,air rifle and archery :lol: they will add fly casting in MO they are timed and scored events


:o:o wish me luck hope to bring back the grand prize ???$ 25.000 dollers :blink: I'll be happy just being their

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this saturday was great in MO their was 30 outdoorsmen going for the 2 open spots to 25,000,000 in cash and prizes in sep


their were 12 from IL and the rest from MO the events were fly casting, air gun,baitcasting,and archery top score and time would declear a winner in each group and then the over all


out of the 30 I came in 4th place just short a chance at the big dance butt just being their was great All who were their were true sports men shearing fishing and hunting stories


I will be in for it next year for shure


thanks for all who helped me out

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