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ISA Children's Membership

Dan Draz

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So, I asked my 10 year old son the other day if he was interested in joining ISA and having a membership in his own name? The first thing out of his mouth was "I haven't done any conservation work yet!" That was his biggest concern. I was amazed! So, I went on the website this afternoon and signed him up for membership. While Quinn fishes with me, it occured to me that that we as an organization should be encouraging our children to participate in conservation events or have children's conservation events when we can. Afterall, they are going to be fishing this water long after we've gone and if they buy into the conservation ethic at a young age, they are going to be less likely to dump things into the water down the road and discourage others from doing so. Unlike some fishing clubs we belong to where he enjoys going to the monthly meetings, listening to speakers and winning raffle prizes it is not lost on him at this age that there is more to this equation than that. Something to kick around!

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Congratulations on being a great Dad. Teach your children well .


My son Zachary is also a member and thinks more about conservation than a lot of kids his age[13].

He has blown off several fishing trips this year already prefering to clean up the river. He really dislikes discarded fishing line and picks up discarded lead which he trades for lures to a guy who makes jigs.


I am as proud of him as I'm sure you are of your son.


I'm hoping someday , after the girls and cars things pass, that he will pick up the torch and carry it better than his old man ever did.

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Dan,I fully agree with getting the youth involved.I had my five year old grandson

sign up at the Tinley Park show.When we go fishing the first thing we do is pick up

some garbage before we start fishing.Never to early to learn.

And Norm, we all know you set the standard.Now if only the water levels would come down.

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One of the things that Bill mentioned was picking up trash and that's one thing I've instilled in Quinn is to "always leave a place nicer than when you got there." We were at a forest preserve last year and you could not believe the amount of garbage he and I picked up laying around the edges of the water, not to mention what we hauled OUT of the water. We could have stayed there all day doing nothing but that... alas there is only so much time!

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This is great to have all these young people to learn from our example and they in turn we hope will pass it along to there children when the time comes. It is very important for the ISA to recruit younger people and get them interested in the ISA and what it stands for. Who knows one of them may someday become the first conservation minded President or at least Governor.

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