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Pathways To Adopting A Stream

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I've been accumulating some key items for the ISA Adopt-A-Stream Program to send as Stream Steward Kits to sponsors.

I'd like to share with you the results as of today, and ask for suggestions on how we might finish it.


In this photo you are looking at Private Land Permission cards (from the IDNR), Reporting poachers bumper sticker, World Water Monitoring Day kit, Aquatic Plants booklet, Ivory soap bar, caring for injured animals booklet, common freshwater fish of Illinois booklet.



As for educational literature mentioned here, I have literally hundreds of each, so we're on a positive path to educating many people in the very near future.


Here are other items I've acquired for the kits:


What's Up with our Nation's Waters? A full color booklet for upper elementary/middle school-aged children on water quality, monitoring, and what we all can do to prevent water pollution.



What You Can do on World Water Monitoring Day



Get Bugged About Water Quality!

A laminated card depicting macroinvertebrates (bugs) that can live only in healthy streams. Comes with a keychain magnifying glass.



Monitor Your Watershed



Help Your Watershed bookmark



Bug Tongs. Discover insects in the great outdoors with these bug tongs. Complete with air holes, these plastic tongs ensure the bugs you collect to study won’t be harmed.



Furbearers of Illinois Posters




All of the above will be shipped to stream segment sponsors, as well as other items I'm currently working on.


Here is where I could use a little help.

If you are aware of conservation/environmental groups that would like to get their literature into these kits and are willing to contact them, please let me know and we'll talk.


One item I'm sort of stuck on is macroinvertebrate ID cards, specific to IL streams.

That is an essential item to include.


As well, clear acrylic "bug boxes" will be acquired for the adult stream sentinels to use in this program.

Other items geared toward the adult participants are being petitioned for this program also.

Every age group should be covered by the time they are shipped.


Any other ideas/suggestions?


Note these are in addition to a Conservation Rewards Program within the AAS program that will reward participants with the help of local businesses and national sponsors.

We're going to make it a rewarding experience to give back to the resource, in major ways.

More on this later.

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The INHS has some very useful stuff I hadn't seen before.

Thanks much Tim.



the permission cards are what you would have a landowner fill out after giving you permission to access their property. They keep a copy, and you as well.

In the event a CPO or local authorities come up to you and ask what your purpose is there, you show them the card.


Scott and Rich-

There will most definitely be a program introduction sheet included, as well as ISA brochures.


We're working on certificates from local establishments so stream teams can get complimentary or discounted food for their events.

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