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Spey Casting Clinic

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Hi Guys,


Every month www.uppermidwestflyfishing.com has been holding a spey casting clinic on the Fox River. We have a number of ISA's members stop by to say hi or to check us out. We thought that for the July clinic we would invite any ISA member who has an interest in spey rods to join us. Two-handed rods are a great way to cover a lot of water for smallies. We have a number of UMFFer's who fish for smallies with the long rod, mainly on the KKK and in MI.


Please join us if you would like, and if you ever see us on the river, please free to stop by and say hi.


- David Dornblaser



Here is the post for the our July clinic that I put on UMFF and a few other sites.


What: Monthly Spey Casting and Instruction, rods & lines to try, steelhead & Spey camaraderie. Every month we will have a presentation on casting. We will have well matched rod and reel combinations including Guideline, Winston and Burkheimer rods. The lines that will be matched to the rods will include Skagit, shooting heads and Delta. You do not need own a Spey rod to attend, but you are encouraged to bring your rod if you do. Basic Spey casting instruction will be available without cost to all.


The Fox River is a great smallie river. In July, we are planning on fishing for smallies with our two-handed rods after our clinic. So, bring your IL fishing license and a few flies if you would like to fish with us for this great game fish.


These clinics are free to all and everyone is welcome. For the fly tyers out there we are accepting donations of flies for Reeling and Healing Midwest.* Flies can be for trout, warm water, or steelhead. All flies are welcome. We are hoping to do a raffle of a spey rod/reel for Reeling and Healing on our last clinic of the year as well.


When: Saturday, July 12th, 8:30 am - noon.


Where: Clark Island Recreation Area, Batavia, IL. This park features several islands in the Fox River that are connected by bridges. This location will allow us to a good number of Spey casters in a central and to easily fish both river right and river left. There is plenty of parking and restrooms are available. I suggest that you park and access the river from Rte. 25. We will be setting up on the main island. We will have coffee in the morning and water and pop available throughout the day. There are restrooms available and a pavilion for inclement weather. Please bring portable outdoor chairs if you have them.

Batavia Park Dist - Clark Island Park Info

MapQuest Directions

What to bring: We will be casting rain or shine, unless there is thunder. Bring appropriate waders, hats, and wading jackets. Glasses will be required to cast. No flies please, just yarn or fluffies.


We plan on having these gatherings be monthly events, water levels permitting, with a different presentation and rods and lines, each month. Please check UMFF for any last minute changes.


- David


* - Reeling and Healing Midwest is a non-profit group that brings the therapeutic powers of fly-fishing to women who are recovering from cancer. Reeling and Healing provides fly-fishing retreats for women who are diagnosised with cancer or are surviving cancer. It is a licensed charitable, non-profit organization that is donor supported and comprised entirely of volunteers. www.reelingandhealingmidwest.org

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