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St. Croix Legend Elite

Jim J

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I had this rod custom made from a St Croix Legend Elite Blank.


1 year old used a couple of times.


Perfectly balanced and beautifully light.


I'm too short for this rod but it is a great rod.


Below are the specs and price for the rod off the shelf. I had the rod custom made using high quality Fuji guides and the maker determining the balance and placement of those guides.


Dick's Rod's did the work and his rods went for a lot of money at last year's Blowout.


Please Pm me with an offer if interested.


From St. Croix's website:


ES70MLF 7' ML Fast 1 4 - 10 1⁄8 - 3⁄8 4.0 4 $ 320




Integrated Ploy Curvee® (IPC® tooling technology. Advanced Reinforcing Technology™ (ART™). High-modulus/high-strain SCV graphite with carbon-matte scrim.

Phenomenally sensitive, smooth and light. Fuji® SiC Concept Guide System with titanium-plated frames. Fuji® DNPS reel seat/frosted silver hood and custom brown

paint on spinning models. Fuji® ECS reel seat/frosted silver hood and custom brown paint on casting models. Machined-aluminum wind check. Super-grade cork handle.

Two coats of Flex Coat slowcure finish. Lifetime limited warranty backed by unmatched St. Croix service. Handcrafted in the U.S.A.




As you may know, most high-performance rods are designed using compound tapers that employ three to four measured transition points along the blank where the slope of the taper changes. Those same transition points, however, can also create points of weakness on the blank. That's where our revolutionary Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) Tooling Technology comes in.


The first process of its kind, IPC® creates tapers that are a continuous curve from the tip to the butt of the rod — eliminating all weakening transition points. That means stronger rods. And actions that cast with unprecedented smoothness. It's a remarkable performance breakthrough. And it's exclusive to St. Croix.

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It looks likea great rod. But you bring up a side issue,"I'm too short for this rod but it is a great rod."


How does your height play into the length of rod that is correct for you?


Just curious. I use spinning rods from 5' to 9.' They all work for me-shorter rods in confined areas, longer rods where there's more room.



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It works fine when I wade. I never owned a 7' rod before this one and after using it I realized I like a shorter rod better. For me it just came down to a preference for a 6' or 6'3.


Probably isn't my height as much as just a good feel for me.

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I use this same length and action in the Avid line. It is an incredible rod and my #1 smallie wading rod. The rod has a great balance of strenght and sensitivity. And the 7' gives you a lot of leverage when fighting a fish. I am 6' and I like the length. In my opinion, a 7' ml LE is about as premium a smallmouth rod as you can get. Good fishing.

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