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Hamlin Lake, MI

Rod S

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I'm going to Hamlin Lake near Ludington, MI next week. I was wondering if anyone has fished there recently and could provide any info, since this is our first time.



Hamlin Lake is quite large.

Get a topo map.


The NE region/section of the lake (Upper Hamlin), is a smaller section of the entire lake,

that has shallow and deep water.

This section is much easier to fish than the main lake.

You can spend a week here---get familar with it.

Pick 4-5 major fishy looking areas---fish each about 30 minutes, if no fish, move to the next spot---

keep moving from spot to spot---and you'll figure out a pattern.


Focus on the weed lines (cabbage weeds), in the 8-18fow, next to the shallow sandy areas---

should be your primary target area.

LMB, (lots of fish in this region), are moving into the weedy areas.

Good Pike population.

Great bluegill population.

Some great crappie action, can also be had.

Walleyes---focus along steeper dropoffs, in the weeds.


Perch---in the cabbage weed areas, next to sandy flats.

Fathead minnows or small shiners, are most productive.


Pencil weed areas for LMB and SMB.


SMB move up shallow, before the LMB.


The coves and bays, hold a good population of LMB.


Resort areas---boat docks hold fish.


It may take a day or two, to locate the fish and find the pattern that is most productive.


Live Bait:

Shiners & crawlers.


Too early yet for bottom crawling baits, such as crawfish.


Too early yet for leeches---use crawlers---LOTS of crawlers.



Spinner baits---white/chart.

4" Senko's---watermelon/cream (901), Cinnamin (241), and Green/pumplin (297), and Green pumpkin/green& purple flake (301), are top choices.

Stick baits--- Lucky Craft (light colors), or the like.


Pike, Musky and walleye action---areas out from the state park sand dune area.

Spoons and spinners best for pike and musky.

Shiners and crawlers for walleye.


Lower Hamlin---SW region, from the cove or bay area, up along Hobby Crest Resort (steep drop off and deep water close to shore here),

and NE toward the sandy point.


Large weed flats just east of Hobby Crest to the sandy point.

Good pike and musky waters---many crappie and bluegills in this area too.

Some walleye and SMB here.

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Thanks a lot for the detailed info. Much Appreciated!


Sounds like you've fished there a few times.


We'll be fishing only three days, Thurs thru Sat, next week.


I'll give a report on our return.


Thanks again!!!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Our trip wasn't quite what we expected.


Thurs- A strong wind kept us fishing mostly in the bayou's. We caught about a dozen bass mostly on 4" senko's and two on a chatterbait.


Between Thurs 9pm and Fri 4am the area received between 10 and 12 inches of rain. The lake level went up almost 3 feet. I was told a good number of boats drifted off of their lifts. Three of them got to the dam which prevented them from opening it up to release all of the excess water, until they were chopped up. Our resort didn't get power back until Fri. afternoon but we couldn't get any drinking water because the well was below the new water line.


With the roads closed in fifty area's in the county due to standing water or washouts. And the threats of additional rain we came home on Friday.


We do hope to get back there again.


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Holy Moly RodS,

That's a lot of rain!---10-12"?


I'm sure no one else expected that either.


It'll take a least 2 weeks for the lake to get to normal.


I had plans to be in the TC area, last week---targeting smallies.

Due to some last minute family matters, I didn't make the trip.

Pushing my trip back a couple weeks.


Glad to hear you made it home safe and sound, and didn't get locked in.


Those fish will be there---they won't go over the dam.


The 2wk of Sept thru the end of Oct, is another prime time.

Lots of BIG LMB and SMB can be caught then, as well as, pike, walleye and panfish.

btw---the bigger tiger muskie average around 20lb!


PS---check out Lake Macatawa, the Grand River & Silver Lake, the Kalamazoo Lake and River, and the

PM Lake in Ludington.

The Rivers, open to Lake Michigan, attract Lake Michigan pike---they migrate in the lake and river, starting about mid Sept,

spend the winter, spawn in the spring and then move back out.

There's also some huge crappie that reside in the lake part of the PM.

Focus on the old sawmill area, SW region of the lake, and the cabbage weeds.

A boat launch is on the north end of the PM Lake.


The rivers also contain a good population of walleye---some BIG walleye.

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Thanks for the info.


I spoke with the resort owner yesterday. The lake didn't crest until Sat afternoon. It went up another five inches after we left. It has come down, some, since. But it is still high and water is still coming out of the south bayou pretty strong.


It may be a few weeks before things are back to normal.

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