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Minority Minority

Mike G

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Due to my fishing upbringing, I do not think of fly fishers as a minority group in angling circles though we are. Likewise, seeing that those who fly fishing for bass are a minority in that group makes us minority squared. Time to march on Washington? I love these articles that translate bass for trout fishermen. I hope the link works.



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Nice find Mike, I agree that we are off the beaten path a bit but like you it sure feels like the norm. Those trout guys may have numbers & lots of press but most don't know what they are missing. More of them slowly awakening to how much more there is to flyfishing than trout & they are welcome to join us.

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Back when I was guiding I had 3 sets of clients, 8 in all that would hire me to take them out for bass with spinning gear. Every one of them all made comments of a similar vein, too bad these aren't trout so we could fly fish for them. When I asked them why not bring thier fly rods next time the prevailing attittude with them was fly gear was for trout and salmon only, they wouldn't waste it on bass.


Flash forward a number of years and I meet guys in the Alliance who actually fly fish for bass and trout and didn't think anything was wasted about fly fishing for bass.


A few years back while catching perch on the lake front I run into guys fly rodding for carp. Their comment was Bonefish are Carp with a better PR agent.


Attitudes certainly have changed over a quarter century or so.

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...and a slightly more scenic front office.



Well the bikini ratio is certainly higher. Not that we as fishermen pay attention to such things.

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