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Moss on the Kank


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I just read a report which talked about the moss on the Kankakee. The guy said that some spots were unfishable. I remember how bad the problem was last summer and fall. Has this been an existing problems for years or is it something that has just gotten worse recently? I don't have a number of seasons worth of experience so I don't know what to compare it to.


How do you guys deal with it? Thanks for any advice. Paul

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The moss/algae has always been there but not like it has been lately. It has increased since the drought a few years back.


I wrote an article on this for the newsletter but don't know if it will be in the upcoming one.


Fish the upper part of the water column above the growth is the short answer.

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The moss can be frustrating if you don’t adapt. Every year it gets worse and starts earlier in the season. I very rarely throw crankbaits anymore. Couple of things you can try –


1. When fishing with a jig and plastic cast straight upstream and don’t let the jig fall to the bottom. You’ll have to move around more to work specific structure but you will be able to work deeper in the water column.

2. Fish to upper water column. When the moss is real bad I throw topwater.

3. If the water is fairly clear throw a white spinnerbait. You can see it and work it around floating clumps of moss.

4. Move upstream. Sometimes moving a few miles upstream can make a difference

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Never got around to it but I was thinking a real heavy floating braid, like 30 lb Powerpro maybe even hit with some silicone fly floatant to make it more bouyant coupled with a weedless topwater like a salad Spoon or Horny Toad might probably get you by.


The moss has been getting worse and worse like other guys said. I have been fishing upstream and there is less, but sit's still there.


Even if you use a totally weedless lure, it catches on your line. It's hugely frustrating.




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