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5/20,5/22 report


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Fished for smallmouth for the first time in awhile on 5/20 with the river having gotten to a wadeable and clear state.Fished 3 areas from 2-6pm with my 6wt. Caught 5 with only 1 reaching the teens at 16" all on bassbugs.On 5/22 fished 1 of the areas I'd fished on the 20th and 2 other areas.Fished both surface and sinking flies with my 4wt. Not only did I go fishless but as I was finishing up I fell in losing a nice pair of sunglasses! As I trudged back to the car with a cupl gallons of water in my waders I told myself that its days like that that make you appreciate the good days that much more. The water temp was in the mid 60's where it's hovered for over a month.Seems like that might be too cold for ideal spawning and together with the strong currents could result in a poor spawn this year?I saw no nests this year in an area where there were many the previous 2 years.More and more silt continues to build up especially in the slackwater along the shorelines. Doesn't seem to be originating in the main branch itself. Is it washing down from the east/west branches?



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