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Lazy River Music Festival

Mike Clifford

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I've been hearing about this on the radio lately, and it seems like a really cool idea.



A music festival on the Fox River with camping and late-night jam sessions/acoustic sets.

Woodstock on the Fox?


My buddies and I have been known to break out the acoustic guitars for a few songs (Sunday Morning Comin' Down is a perennial favorite of ours) while camping on the Kankakee, but this looks really impressive.

Check out the line-up.

I had to YouTube some of the bands, which made it even more interesting.

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Thanks for the heads-up Mike.


Son Volt made a couple fantastic albums in the 90s including Trace which is widely considered the greatest alternative country album. Even you don't go to the festival, Son Volt is a band to check out. Good fishing. Paul

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All we need is Gordon P on bass, and we'll have a regular jam!



Speaking of harps, Phil-

I never played with them, but can play just about everything on guitar that Neil Young ever put to vinyl.

We might get along fine at a campfire somewhere...


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Gotta travel light, bongos, washboard, rib bones, side of tackle box. I'm going to go to Famous Daves and get some rib bones. I could never figure them out but if I lock myself in a room I think I can do it.


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