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some done spawned

Norm M

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While I was out today, I saw black fry swimming near shore in a spawning area. It looks like some of the early birds went and did it under the cover of high and dirty water.

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Table Rock Lake is in the process of spawning now. Some areas you find Smallmouth the have Spawned out and in other areas they haven't. The Largemouths I caught yesterday had not spawned yet as well as the Smallmouths that I caught. We moved to a little warmer area of the lake and the Smallie we caught had spawned already. I would imagine different parts of the rivers like the Kankakee and Fox have fish that Spawn at different times due to water temps being warmer in those areas as opposed to other areas. My Surface Temps are anywhere from 60 in the morning warming to 63 in the afternoon on a sunny day. The fish are in a staging mode and positioned outside long creek channels waiting for the water to warm a little more before moving up and making love.

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