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A fishing trip report

Jonn Graham

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Fished on Saturday with an old acquaintance. He told me he had a hot bite on a creek way upstream from where I had ever fished. Up so far that the creek was channelized and very narrow and shallow. I thought he was nuts but I had to try and call his "bluff". He was not bluffing!!! Long story short, we fished from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM and landed 101 smallies!!! Yes, that is right 101 smallmouth bass. We also lost at least 30 more. Almost all fish were 11 inches and larger. Biggest smallies were sixteen and seventeen inches long with tons of fish in the 12-15 inch range. I lost one bass that was an easy 18 incher or larger.



If you want to read the "rest of the story", make sure to pick up the June issue of the Outdoor Notebook. All the details and pictures will be found under the article title of, "We're Going to Fish Where?"

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Guest Don R

Wow! A catch rate of close to 17 fish per hour is fantastic! I've wondered, like others have what I would do if I ever won the lottery. Now I know.

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