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DuPage River Help

Mark P

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I've been an ISA member for several year now but I have never fished the DuPage River but really want to try it out this season as I have heard it fishes well and is quite scenic.


I have two questions for my fellow Bass Buggers:


1. I am not sure where access is allowed and essentially where to go/start. Its a "long" river and runs through the burbs' and the country around Joliet. Where do I find some productive water with reasonably easy access. I'm not looking for "secret" spots, just something like "go here and park on this bridge and wade downstream", etc... I'd also be willing to get out with one of you to show me around. I live in Cary but don't mind driving to some productive water. I'll trade some of my Smallie ( or trout if you prefer) flies for a "show around".


2. I'm confused about the wading rules. I've heard that there are certain areas where you are not allowed to wade and bank fish only (which I hate to do). Could someone give me a brief explanation of the rules. I don't want to get tagged.


I have also never fished the K3 but I think Mark K. is going to take care of me on this one.


If you don't want to post here, you can email me at fishes-with-fly@comcast.net


Thanks in advance to all who respond.


I may also try to get to AIR to see the Murdich tied and meet some of my fellow tiers. I probably won't have my stuff to tie, but I'll try to be there anyway. Busy Busy these days.




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Since it does not seem like you have had any responses, I will tell you what I know.


Wading is allowed in any Dupage County Forest Preserve areas. There are some forest preserve areas which are inside the city limits of towns. In those cases you may be limited by city ordinance. I know for sure, within the Naperville city limits wading is not permitted.


As for were to go...I don't know. I fished the West Branch north of Naperville pretty heavily last year and didn't have much luck. It is beautiful fishy looking water, but, for what ever reason, I didn't catch much. It may just be my technique since I know they are in there. See the picture on the lower right of my signature. That is one of the dams north of Naperville. Looks great, doesn't it!



- Kevin

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