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Aerial Flyovers of Your Favorite Rivers

Mike Clifford

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Just when you think you've seen it all, along comes this incredible resource tool.

Is your favorite river or stream listed?


What are you waiting for?

Strap on your seatbelt and take to the air........



The exact sub-basins, watersheds, and sub-watersheds flown and the channel lengths that were video mapped can be viewed in Table 1.


Table 1. Aerially Assessed Streams

(Spring 2004 and Fall 2005)

Spring 2004

Illinois River

and Sub-Basins

Miles (km) of Aerial


Peoria Pool

Ackerman Creek

6.83 (11.00 km)

Blue Creek

7.04 (11.33 km)

Farm Creek

21.19 (34.10 km)

Partridge Creek

15.77 (25.39 km)

Mundinger Creek

3.10 (4.99 km)

Tenmile Creek

7.62 (12.26 km)

Spring Creek

4.00 (6.44 km)

Senachwine Creek

32.80 (52.79 km)

Peoria Lake

Lacon to Downtown Peoria

27.50 (44.26 km)


Camp Creek

29.30 (47.15 km)

East Fork LaMoine River

52.00 (83.69 km)

Drowning Fork

18.00 (28.97 km)

Grindstone Creek

18.40 (29.61 km)

Des Plaines

Hickory Creek

5.40 (8.69 km)


Little Verm

ilion River

40.10 (64.53 km)


Kankakee River (IL, IN)

119.00 (191.51 km)

Baker Creek

12.00 (19.31 km)

Exline Slough

11.00 (17.70 km)

Rock Creek

30.50 (49.08 km)

Trim Creek

23.00 (37.01 km)


Iroquois River (IL, IN)

40.40 (65.02 km)

Beaver Creek (IL, IN)

27.50 (44.26 km)

Langan Creek

27.50 (44.26 km)

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