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Lots of water, coming down from the northern region.


Many areas are wadeable.


Presently, the water level is not too high for a successful spawn.

Most areas seem to be at a suitable level, right now.


The fish are on or near their bedding sites. Many are near shore, in water less that 2ft deep.

Many beds are further out from shore, in deeper water, and you don't see the beds.


Personally, I don't wade the areas, so as not to disturb their spawning grounds.


If the water drops too fast during the spawn, and exposes their beds, the fish can be easily removed by anglers, and the eggs will be exposed to other critters, and they'll clean out the nest pretty quick.


Smaller fish, such as bluegill, yellow bass, white bass, drum, or the like, are mingling around the beds. When the SMB are removed from the nesting are, those critters will move in real quick, because the nest is not protected.

When a SMB is caught by an angler, and released, the fish doesn't return to the nest right away---it's left unguarded and subjected to being cleaned out.


I hope the water level stays where it's at for the next few weeks.


Anglers will have plenty of time to wade, after the spawn is over.


Mother nature knows what she's doing.

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I've been watching the levels drop ever-so-slightly day to day and it's getting close to canoe time!!!!



It's canoe time---NOW!


There are some prime areas, that are not being fished.

There's some big'uns in there, those fish need some exercise.

They're just laying around and getting fatter.


I'm getting to the fish, walking along the shoreline, fishing the structure with long rods.

Some of it, you need a small boat or canoe.


Stop by the store, I'll mark up your map.

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Why don't you just come along and mark up the map from the actual spots. Anytime, Ken. Just let me know. This friday and maybe next wednesday are slated for fishing the fox.

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Guest Don R
Also, what's the latest word on the May 17th outing in Batavia? Is the water still too high?


Great question Ron. Wading is pretty much out of the question for the outing on the 17th. I'll start another post to see how many are still interested in fishing from shore.


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