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N.W. Outing April 27th


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The Kishwaukee outing is still on for Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed that the storms pass over without too much rain!


The N Branch is pretty high and not really wadable, but should be fishable. We'll just have to stick to the banks. The S Branch is in a little better shape. I think we'll try to send the fly guys there. I had hoped to fly fish, but with these conditions, I think I'll stick to spinning.


I've been contacted by some new members who will be joining us. We'll have at least four new members, including one from Iowa. If you're a Kish veteran, please join us. We're going to need some local river rats to show the new guys around.


We'll be meeting for breakfast at the Cherry Valley Cafe at 7:00, then heading over to Bauman at 8:00 to split up. We'll meet in the parking lot by the tennis courts. If you plan on joining us, please respond on this thread so I can let the Cafe know what to expect.


See you Sunday...Jude

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Well, it's not looking good for Sunday. We got hit with heavy rain this morning, and again tonight. I'll look at the guages tomorrow and go from there. AAARRGH!

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Well, I just took a look at the river. It's up and it looks like coffee with extra cream. Zero visibility. It sucks, but we're going to have to call it off. I'll still go to breakfast at 7:00 in case someone misses this. Mother nature can be a real pain in the arse!

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The Dells "Curse of the Northwest" rears its ugly head once again.


As far as rescheduling, I'll talk to Paul and see what day might work for him. One of the biggest concerns is that the spawn may very well just be getting underway if we don't do it fairly soon.

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