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A Sunglasses company with "real" customer service

Jonn Graham

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I have worn alot of pairs of sunglasses over the years. I have liked a few, and hated many others. I have had cheap pairs and expensive pairs. About a year ago, my buddy Tim told me how much he liked his new sunglasses. They were made by a company called Fisherman's Eyewear. One of their labels is also called "Guideline"........you may have seen that label in Cabelas or BPS.


So, on Tim's reccommendation, I searched the companies website and found glasses to my liking. Ordered them late last year and wore them immediately when fishing or driving. I got the Photochromic brown lensed "Cabo". Photochromic meaning they change lens tint to match sunlight intensities. WOW! I absolutely loved them. I had never had a pair of glasses that fit like theirs did. In addition, I was consistently able to pick out stuff under the water that others around me could not see with their glasses. I was sold whole heartedly!


Then came this morning. I grabbed my glasses, put them on, and then put on my pullover style jacket. For some crazy reason, the glasses broke. I mean really broke........right on the frame. A clean brake. Now, keep in mind, I immediately knew that it was not a defect from the company as I had worn the glasses for at least six straight months without a problem. I knew that evidently I must have done something to weaken the spot where they broke.


I figured I would still call the company and see what they could do. I talked to a person right away (no waiting or "on hold" and no machine) and told her my problem. She quickly found my order and told me that the frames were under warranty. I expected her to tell me to ship back the old ones and then they would ship me another pair at maybe a reduced price.


Nope! She said another pair would be in the mail today!!!! I asked her if she wanted the broken ones? Nope, she said........no need.



Why am I telling you this. Well, if you are in the market to buy a pair of glasses, give this company a shot. They make a ton of different models ranging in price from less than $20 up to around $90, so their glasses will not break your bank account. www.fishermaneyewear.com

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