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Newbie Here

Andy C

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I just registered for the forum today and I gotta say, it is about time time I found this site. Spend lots of my weekends chasing smallies in MO and I have got the bronzebach fever bigtime. If there is ever a get together Downstate I would love to attend. Can't wait till it stops raining so I can go and catch some.

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Where do you chase Smallies at in Mo. I live in Nixa and chase them on Table Rock. Welcome to the ISA where I have been a member for a good many years now and will continue to be one for a long time to come. You too should consider becoming a member instead of just registering for the forum. Getting the Bronzeback Bulletin is well worth the $25.00.

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I am going to become a member, as soon as I have $25 to spend :(. Kinda hard on a grad students budget.



I mostly do float trips in MO. Current river, castor river, Jacks Fork, Niangua, and a few others I won't mention on the internet. I am also searching for some smallie rivers in Southern Illinois. I know there are a couple. If anyone knows of any, and where to access them, let me know.

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