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Jude's Newsletter Article

Dan Draz

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I was reading Jude's article in the last issue of the newsletter about new members on the train yesterday afternoon on the way home from work. Being a new member, I was scratching my head after reading the first half and had I stopped there, I probably would have been extremely agitated.... but thankfully I did not because after reading the entire thing, the point he was trying to make is REALLY valid. More members is really not a bad thing for ISA because it means you are surrounded with like minded folks who have an interest in seeing the same things happen (conservation, ethics, education, catch and release etc). The truth of the matter is, it would be worse if you came around the corner and there was someone standing in a spot you wanted to fish, and they are not a member who subscribes to the same ethical catch and release principles that we do, and have a bucket full or smallies they are taking out of the river! And in an area that has more than 8 million people in it, one is probably more likely to run into someone like that, then an ISA member.


New members also enlarge our organization to the point where we have serious clout! Legislators may not listen to an organization that only has 20 members, but 500 or more sounds much more impressive and may help us get their attention on important issues. So, it seems to me like we should continue going in the direction we are and move forward in a positive direction vs. looking backwards at where we've been. Nicely done!



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I struggled with the same feelings. Small stream smallmouth fishing for me is an escape where I try to get away from people and technology. I have paid my dues and have 20 years of scouting on some rivers and was hesitant to share information. I don't own the river, we all share it. As long as people care for the resource & are passionate about protecting it , it can be enjoyed like I have enjoyed it for generations. I thought that was a good article too.

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Where would we be if we didn't stop and greet someone and share some information with a fellow ISA member. What if our fathers had never shared there wisdom with us. It is nice to have a place to go and fish and even better to have a place to go and fish with a friend. To many times we treat what belongs to all of us as our own and refuse to share. I have gained information from people down here that guide for a living. Sharing life's experiences should be something we do out of love for our sport. Getting others involved brings more like minded people into the equation and ups the possibility for success.

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