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fishing matoon

raymond k

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I've haven't been there, this year, YET!

I've fished the lake many times over the years.

A great body of water.


BIG gills



LMB early spring:

Rubber legged jigs and trailer (pork or plastic).



Work if slow, or swim it, with pauses.



Shallow---work the wood.

Mini-Mite or 1.5" tube baits, dressed with a waxworm, and rigged under a slip-float.



Rocky shoreline areas.

Grassy shoreline areas.

Boat docks

Wood (laydowns).

Fish all the points and go up in the coves.


Worked for me.


ps---if you're at the Marina boat docks, and see the local Sheriff, tell him the "Mini-Mite Man" said HI!

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