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The JoDaviees Proposed Mega Dairy info/update

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Hi ISA'ers


I subscribe to a construction notification website called BidClerk and today the proposed Mega Dairy was mentioned as follows:


Site work and new construction of a dairy farm in Jo Daviees County. Conceptual plans call for a 100-acre mega dairy farm on 1,400 acres of land. About 75 acres will house seven barns, including two at 1,600 feet long. There also would be holding pens and a 3,500 cow milk house.


The project is due to go before the US Deprtment of Agriculture this week for initial approvals. There is no firm timeline for construction commencement, but interested parties are welcome to fax or mail their information to the owner. No phone calles are being accepted. (Probably due to the opposition).


Project Address: TBA Nora, Illinois.


Start date November 2008


Will post phone number if ISA allows!


Mark O'Donnell

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Guest rich mc

they left out construction of a 70 acre waste lagoon and all the plumbing to handle a million gallons of water a day.i also heard that the buildings will have 69 acres of roof. as you can tell from previous post we are TOTALLY against this project.

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