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It is s great idea. But a hard sell.


Let me be the devil's advocate:


"Us Bubbas has come to expect bass fishing to be included in our reglur fishin license. We kant figure out why we hafta pay exter for trout. Now you want us to pay fer bass too? One more government pork barrel. Get back to the reservation with the rest of yer liberal friends."


Seriously, I can swallow the trout/salmon stamp because I see that a lot of extra efforts like hatcheries and stocking are necessary to have the fishery. IMHO, SM bass and LM bass do not need the same TLC. Maybe they do. But you have to make the case swimming upstream against the prevailing view.



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I cant hardly even see a salmon stamp anymore. IL doesnt even stock kings anymore and have cut the cohos. not only that, I bet the money would never get where it is supossed to. there have been huge cuts in the DNR dept in this state. its a real shame cause IL has alot of potential. just look at what WIS and Mich do . granted those states rely heavily on "tourist sportsman". just think how much the northwoods of Wis makes on fishing, it is the main industry up there. IL is too locked up with the politics in CROOK county and the land of KING RICHARD(chicago) to worry about our fishing.



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