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Spring Techniques and Gear

Mike Clifford

Spring Techniques  

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  1. 1. Which of the following are you likely to use this Spring? (Check all that apply)

    • Crankbaits
    • Spinnerbaits
    • Jigs
    • Soft Jerkbaits
    • Plastics (Senkos, finesse, worms, smallie beavers ,etc.)
    • Flies
    • Topwaters
    • Other (Please Explain)
  2. 2. Where do you expect to initially find your smallies (Primarily)?

    • Shallow (tight to the bank)
    • Deep
    • Breaklines
    • Tight to structure
    • Creek mouths
    • Main Feeder Creeks
    • Coves
    • Riprap
  3. 3. Where does most of your spring fishing take place?

    • Rivers/Streams/Creeks
    • Large Lakes
    • Local ponds
    • Bathtub/Swimming pool (testing lures)

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Ok, who are the guys throwing topwaters? where at? and can i come with you?


My first smallie of 2006 was caught on March 28th. The water temp was 48 degrees and he hit a topwater fly (Judebug). There will never be a day on the river that I don't try topwater.

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I must agree with Jim K. I will be throwing swim jigs until I die. Matter of fact, I love them so much I have been known to sleep with a few under my pillow. :lol:




You are right.................I hate the word "deep". It is all dependant on the flow one is speaking about. I have had people ask me what is the perfect depth for smallies in a river? That question is impossible to answer. Depends on the river and the season.

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I've fished some channels on the Mississippi that were well over 20ft deep. Then again, deep on the Dup could mean 3ft in some areas. Deep is definately a relative term. Maybe deeper water should be stated instead? But then again, you could make the same arguement I guess!

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I picked shallow. Last Friday, after a talk with Phil F., I went out and caught some smallies in shallow eddies right next to shore. My best fish was caught when I cast up onto the bank and let the Crawbug quietly slide into the water. The eddy was not only shallow, it was clear, sunny, bordered with rock and adjacent to deeper water. So maybe what I was really looking for was warmer water. I have caught many pond largemouth bass in March with ice still on some of the water by fishing right next to the bank in less than 2 feet of water.

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