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swim jig trailer

Norm M

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I tried a new trailer for my swim jigs today , BPS Tournament Series 5inch Swimmin Stiko . It worked well with the Warrior jigs , it had a little harder thump than the Assassains .


I tried both Assassains and the Stiko today , the fish prefered the Stiko . I can't say if it was the harder thump , the length or the bulkier profile that did it , but there was a definite preference .


I rigged them upside down and took a little notch out down near the tail like I do the Assassains .


Another option for the swim jig guys amongst us .

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Jim ,


I got them at the bait shop in Altorff , only got about half of his stock of them before they hit the shelf , still some for others , maybe .


Jonn ,


When I saw them on the counter coming out of the box , that was my immediate thought . I may also try them with some darter heads I found with the VMC Barbarian hook. I think with the line tie on top of the jig as opposed to the front it make give it a little different wobble .

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