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Chris Helm & Drift auction

John Loebach

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Two invites to anyone interested from Drift this week. Both are more than worthwhile & I will be at both. The auction on friday is Drift's equivalent of our blowout. Good deals are available & you are helping a good cause.



Chris Helm will be at DRiFT at 7 PM, TUes, March 11 weather permitting. Check our website on Tuesday to reconfirm. It is updated with last minute cancellations. I see no reason to expect such a cancellation this time. By the way last Tuesday storm didn't hit us, but it Toledo, Ohio where Chris lives with a vengance.


Don't forgrt the auction this Friday. No fish fry this year. Any questions, communicate directly with Ted Bernhard.



15th Annual DRiFT auction




As in past years, the event will be held on Friday March 14, 2008 at the VFW Hall in Villa Park. The address is 39 East St. Charles Rd. in Villa Park. Registration begins at 6:30PM and the auction will begin at 7:00PM. The VFW also sponsors a Friday night Fish Fry which begins about 5PM if you would like to eat there. The VFW has cancelled their Friday night Fish Fry. If anyone knows of any alternatives in the area, please let Ted Bernhard know as indicated at the end of this message.




News Flash!! I have just received the specifications for the bamboo fly rod being built by Gordon Koppin. The original rod design is from FE Thomas and one of Hiram Leonard’s rod builders. The rod is 8 foot, 4-5 weight rod with two nodeless tips in a blond color. The action will be a soft tip with an overall medium action (semi parabolic). It will be wrapped with green silk and has a reel seat of Myrtle burl with a champagne cork grip. Pete Metelski is making a custom rod tube.




The auction provides multiple opportunities for participation. If you didn’t get the present that you had hoped for during the holidays, the auction is the place to buy it. If you did get what you hoped for, then the auction provides an opportunity to recycle the equipment that you may no longer be using by donating your old gear to the auction. We also need members’ participation the night of the auction to register bidders, sell raffle tickets, announce the live auction items, collect money, etc.




The auction has provided DRiFT with $6000 to $7000 each year which covers the majority of our finances that are used for education and conservation as well as our weekly meeting room rental, tying materials, special guest speakers and other programs to advance the future of fly fishing and fly tying. The support of all members and their friends and family is needed to help this fund raising event again be successful.




Please remember that all of the donations and all of the people helping won’t by themselves raise funds. We need members, their families and friends to attend, buy raffle tickets and bid on items. This is one of our primary fund raisers and provides the funds for our weekly meeting room rental, tying materials, show booths and programs such as Bass in the Class, etc.

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