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Foam Poppers


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I've been saving synthetic wine corks (they accumulate amazingly quickly) thinking that I might try to make some blockhead poppers from them. I've cut a couple with a razor blade and am not entirely happy with the results. Does anybody have any tips for cutting or shaping this material?



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I have been collecting a lot of them lately. Though they function as a cork, they are a lot tougher. BTW I have weighed several and find that they are about 1/8 ounce. So they might make better spinning lures than flies.


I tried sawing one with a Hacksaw holding it down by hand in a small mitre box, that I have to, get a 45 deg angle. Results not good. I need a better tool and clamp. Though it is challenging to try to figure out how to use them, I am beginning to think that softer molded foam popper bodies would be a better choice unless someone has some power tools.


Just my thought.

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Jude and Mike,


Thanks for the tips. I don't have a dremmel. I've been eyeing one for years, but never need one bad enough to spring the $60-$70 it takes to get one. I tried some different jigging to use with razor blades and hacksaw blades with poor results. With some practice I've gotten some decent results free hand. I'm painting them with an Elmers paint pen, which seems to work pretty well. We'll see how the color holds up in the water. Now I'm looking for some more tips:


1. Does anybody know how well the paint will hold up? Should I seal it with some kind of clear coat?


2. Adhesive. I've used a couple different adhesives on the hook with mixed results. Zap-Gap Goo 2 was recommended to me, but it dries flexibile and doesn't hold the hood. I also tried a flexible craft glue that did a little better. Regular old Krazy Glue seem to hold the hood steady and keeps the gap in the bottom of the foam closed.


Any advice and previous experiences greatly appreciated,



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