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Charlie Brewer Slider Heads

Mike Clifford

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The most productive, I've found to date,

are the Owner Bullet Head, and

the Finesse Head by Luck-E Strike.

Both feature a premium grade hook.


I prefer the Luck-E Strike brand, over others---

it features a longer shoulder, which results it better holding of the plastics.


The Finesse Head models are the best for horizontal presentations.


GAT stocks both, for an avid anglers fishing enjoyment.

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Its good someone around here stocks slider heads. I went to the new Cabelas store for the 2nd time and they still don't have slider heads. I told them I'm sure I'm not the 1st to ask & I guarantee I won't be the last to ask. They don't listen. They make more money selling stuff designed to catch fisherman instead of fish.


I like the spider sliders with the 3/0 hooks. That wide gap slider has a very very thick hook. You really have to hammer home the hookset to bury that through the plastic & a fish.

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Don't get upset with the people that work at the big box stores, they don't have control of whats offered.

They have to sell what they have available.

Corp/hq buyers, decide what they'll stock.


Some employees may pass-on the word.

It has to go thru the dept manager, then to the store manager, then to hq---in writing.

That process make take 2 or more weeks.



At GAT's, if I don't have it in stock, I can get most objects within a week.

In some cases, I get it in a couple days.

Availability is dependent on the distributors warehouse stock.


Some items I have to obtain from the OEM---

they require MIN $$$ order, MIN order quantity, shipping costs and lead time.

Lead time is 2 weeks MIN.

A little more involved than going down the street to the quickie-mart, for a gal of milk.

(Shipping costs are getting out of control. It changes from week-to-week).


Items from GLoomis, St Croix and Shimano, I get in 3 days, providing they have it in-stock for immediate delivery.

They are just a phone call away---(I have them on my "Speed-Dial").


Many of my customers tell me, "it's good to know the buyer".

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