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A New Blogger Amongst Us?

Mike Clifford

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Very cool John! One blog entry down, hundreds more to go :lol:


Are there any other ISA guys doing their own fishing blog? I've done one myself now (www.bigindianabass.com) for the past 15 months. It gets kind of addicting after a while. Easy to stay with it for the first couple months, then it seems like you go through a tough period of figuring out what to write as well as keeping it updated enough to keep people coming back. With winter almost done, the default fishing reports and observations make things a whole lot easier.



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I was a huge fan of the blogging concept when it was fresh and new.

Started the "Outdoor Bloggers Network" when there were much fewer outdoors related blogs, to spur interest.

I created and posted to a few of my own in the fishing/outdoors genre, and several in unrelated niches.

You hit the nail on the head.

The effort gets stagnant, and rather quickly.

If people aren't jumping on your blog leaving comments, it gives the writer the impression nobody is reading, even when the stats show otherwise.


My hat's off to Jonn for his efforts.

I'll be a regular reader, no question.

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thanks to all who have commented or will read my blog in the future. Thanks need to go to Jeff Lampe who is the outdoor writer in Peoria and started prairie state outdoors webpage. He was the one who gave me the opportunity to start my own blog. It is truly an awesome website. Updated daily. Let me know, by leaving a comment, what you think of each entry. I plan to put up an entry at least once a week. When fishing takes off, it may be more than one per week.

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