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2008 blowout

Guest rich mc

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Guest rich mc

I wish to THANK all the members that have helped in any way of making this year's blowout work out a success! The donated products did fine and Scott did his usual job of having all the paperwork ready to go. Set up and running the event went smoothly. Speakers did a good job. John really had a large turnout of fly gear and Jude recaptured the crown of master fly tyer. Well done everyone! rich

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The Blowout was great, as usual.


Dave Csanda, the featured speaker, gave a great SMB fishing presentation.

Lots of great tips and techniques, that can be applied to lakes, streams and rivers, in the areas we all fish.

I got so pumped up, when I got home I was awake for several hours---

couldn't get to sleep---thinking of all the tips to employ on my future fishing outings.

Now I gotta go out and buy more fishing tackle.


Happy to see and chat with many familar anglers.

Sorry I couldn't meet with everyone.


Looking forward to seeing you on the water.



Some people go out fishing,

some simply wish they could go out fishing.

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Yes, Thank you you all who helped and all who attended.


It's really cool to see so many people time and time again who every year come to support the ISA. Every table I walk by there's people to say hello to. I get a chance to hear some nice stories about fishing stuff, trips taken, etc.


Both presentations were great. We learned a bunch more with lots of details about the West Branch clean up and habitat restoration. The PowerPoint was loaded with details and pictures.


Dave Csanda took us from early spring to late fall with presentations for smallmouth bass.


Nice to see everyone again and thanks again for supporting smallmouth bass and conservation.

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Like the saying goes.... "It's nice to see a plan come together!"


With this being the first time I was involved with the inner workings of the Blowout, it was great to finally get to meet and greet a lot of you in person. I'm sure I'll never remember 90% of the names of all the people that passed through the front doors, but I think I saw every face, which is a start at least.


Just a little insight of what it takes to put this all together, not including the few months beforehand getting the ball rolling with getting donations, hall rental, food, etc: My day started at 6:30am, about an hour and a half earlier than my retired butt usually gets outta bed. Never stopping except to watch the two most excellent presentations, I finally dragged myself out of the hall around 10pm. I was pooped! Was it worth it.... hell yes, and will I do it again.... of course I will.


Thanks go out to all that showed up, and everyone behind the scenes that made it all worth while! B)

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