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Pre-Blowout Breakfast


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I doubt I will be able to make it, but Dandy Don Rego asked me to post details about breakfast before the Blowout. If you're coming in the AM to help set up, a bunch of folks will be fueling up beforehand at Simon's Restaurant at 8:00 am. It is located on the NW corner of Ardmore and Roosevelt in Villa Park.


Please respond here so we can let them know how many will be showing up. Thanks in advance for your help!



After breakfast we'll head over to the American Legion Hall. There will be committees formed for various tasks such as: raffle ticket sales, food service, greeters, donation takers, set-up, take down, etc.


I want to thank you in advance for all of your help! Last year we had a good amount of help and we're hoping for the same this year.


See you there,



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Ummmmm.... I only read as far as the breakfast part. We have to stay and help get the Blowout set up? :rolleyes: I was gonna go home and go back to bed before the festivities! :P


Nice try buddy! ;)

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Breakfast for moi aussi, s'il vous plait. I think that means yes!

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