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For sale! 3 inch grubs

Jonn Graham

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I will get an actual count tonite and I will post tomorrow how many I have. Probably less than 100


I'll bring the cash for all of them to the Blowout (unless there's well over 100!). We'll make the transaction in the parking lot.




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My daughter and I counted them and there are 115. Let's just call it 100. So the price would be $10. If you are still interested, they are yours! I will bring them to the blowout and give them to you. After a lot of thought, I feel it is really not appropriate for me to make money on my jigs at the blowout. Attendees, including myself, are there to spend money on the club and not my jigs. So, because of this, I will bring the 3 inch grubs, give them to you, and you can send me a check later. In addition, any other jigs that you said you were interested in, you can just pick up at the blowout and send me a check later. Let me know if you do want the grubs?

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How many are you trying to get rid of?



Jonn wrote, ""I have tons of three inch grubs.""


At 2000lbs per ton, times the "number" of tons,

would equal a chit-load of grubs. :o


Whew!--- that's lotsa of plastics.


That should last some avid angler an entire season, fishing those snag infested waters.


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