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Dave Csanda

Mike Clifford

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Was pretty much bed-ridden with a severe flu for the last 5 days and came to the conclusion there is absolutely NOTHING worth watching on television, even with hundreds of channels.


Then on Saturday I got to see Dave Csanda (Bronzeback Blowout speaker) on In-Fisherman's Angling Edge.


They were catching monster smallies, and I think it served to kick my butt into gear to take stock of what I'm going to need this spring.


At least there is one good program worth watching!


Well, that and some Etta James concert at around 3 this morning....but I digress.

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Mike ,


I got back from fishing last weekend in time to catch that segment , I checked and found out they generally show 2 half hour shows back to back on Saturdays . Do I quit fishing a little earlier to watch or keep on casting ?


Sorry , I missed your call , should be home Tuesday and Wednesday evening .

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