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Chicago Region Meeting (follow up)

Jim Kast

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Don's looking for a head count, so either respond here or PM him, please.


Meet at Select Restaurant, 29 Boulder Hill Pass , Montgomery, IL. 630.892.0231 at 9 AM

Join us for breakfast and some winter smallmouth talk. Bring your ideas for the upcoming fishing season. I'd like to put the schedule together for this year's outings. I'll bring some tackle to raffle off. If the

weather cooperates we'll head to the river to try for some winter bronze.


Unfortunately I'll be on the other side of Montgomery watching the grandkids.

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ED B, Dick G, Scott F, Rich M, John L, Mike E, Kevin S (maybe) any others?


I've got a table reserved for 12. No problem if there are more. This is a nice way for new members to get aquainted with your fellow members and officers.


Not yet a member? Meetings are open to non-members as well.


See you there!


Don Rego

Chicagoland Region Coordinator

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Ten members attended the breakfast meeting this morning. Ed B, Dick G, Jim K and John L were winners of the raffle drawings. Thanks to all that contributed to the raffle. We talked about the Blowout, fishing reports (thanks Ron for showing your photos), upcoming outings, phosphorus problems in local rivers, fly fishing tips/techniques for beginners and shared a couple of known hot spots on the ------ river.


Thanks to all those that showed up on a windy and rainy morning.


And yes, I really did see a bald eagle on the Fox river just a block north of the meeting location.


Don Rego

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