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Rockford Fishing Expo Feb 29, March 1 & 2


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The Rockford Fishing Expo will be held February 29 , and March 1 & 2 at the Indoor Sports Center , 8800 East Riverside Blvd. The ISA will have a booth again and we need help staffing it.


A couple of issues....


1) the 1st is also the date of the Blowout, so if you won't be attending the Blowout, please consider working the show.


2) the NW guys have been challenged! The ISA is sneaking up on 500 members, and this show is ourbest shot at reaching 500 this year. Let's show them City Slickers what we're made of.


We'll try to break up the shifts as follows:


Friday the 29th: 4-6 (Rich, Paul)



Saturday the 1st: 10-2 (Jeff Blevins, Paul)

2-6 (Brian O, Paul)


Sunday the 2nd: 11-2 (Kevin Summers, Jude, Paul)

2-5 (Jude, Rich, Paul)


It would be nice to have at least two guys per shift.

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For the Friday night shift, feel free to come after work if you can't get there by 4:00. It looks like Rich and Paul will be setting up, but will have to leave the booth for the 6:00 presentation. They'll need someone to cover while they're presenting.

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O.K., guys....time is getting short and we still need some manpower. I will only be able to work Sunday, and will be there the whole day. We're really hurting for Friday and Saturday. Again, after work Friday would be great. It would be nice to have at least two guys per shift. Paul and Rich: should I put you down for Friday 4-6?


Please consider helping out. It's a lot of fun, and it would be nice to have some new faces in the booth.

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sorry boys, got scheduled to work this weekend during the days.


We'll let it slide. This time. ;)


Let's hear it guys...any of you available to lend a hand? It looks like we're hurting for Friday and Saturday. HELP!

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I can be there on Saturday 2-6.


Is it true the show is free or will there be passes at the door?




C'mon, gentlemen...we still need more help!


The show is not free to the public, but booth workers are free.


Paul: what is the procedure at this show? Do we leave a list of names at the gate? Have the guys call and have you meet them at the entrance? Or my favorite, just walk in like you own the joint?


If you don't have an ISA shirt, we will have a couple extras on hand, so wear a t-shirt that you can wear the long sleeved ISA shirt over.

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The advertisement on TV says the boat show is free. I think this is misleading. Last year the boat show was free but the other 1/2 with the fishing related booths cost $5.00. I will be there every day and we have some extra vendor passes. I will have my cell phone on me and you can call me and set up a meeting so I can get you a vendor pass. That way you can walk in like you own the place. My cell number is 815-703-2651 and if you're a telemarketer, take me off your list.

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