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A young new member


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What was to be a big day for my second youngest grandson,a little over five years of age-didn't go as planned.

His dad was to bring him to the Tinley Park Fishing Show and he was going to sign up as a member

just like grandpa.Upon getting up Saturday morning he was to find out that dad was sick and also his

pet frog Hermie had died.All of this on his mom's birthday.

He was feeling very sad so mom decided to drive him from Elmhurst to the show so he could sign up

as an ISA member and get his starter kit.Now he was feeling a little better.

Sunday morning ,as his mother tells me on the phone,he was still feeling sad about his frog.


Mom suggested that they find a small box,have a little ceremony and bury Hermie.


He said "Mom,we can't do that--I want to use him for bait"


He is on his way to being a great fisherman and I want to welcome him aboard

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That is a new method in the developing stages. I guess it will be called Dead Frogging for Smallmouths. May just be the hottest new technique to come about in the last 20 years. We sure have a thinking fisherman in the making. Bring this thread back in 20 years and lets see what the now ISA President has to say about his Frog Technique. We always look for new members and the youngsters are our greatest asset for the future of Smallmouth Bass across the country. Welcome aboard young man, welcome aboard.

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