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More News On the Apple River Mega Farm

Mike Clifford

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Received this note today.


Please read it and take it seriously.

The Dept. of Ag. is our next target, so please get busy with your best writing.

It does work, gang.

Reminders to board members that are not on the planning committee can't hurt either.

We're already making a huge impact!


Read This Thread Link




Mike ,

I want to thank you for your Resolution you sent to the Jo Daviess Co. Board and to the speed at which you responded.

I was very impressed with the Resolution and feel it will make an impact on the Board. If it has not already, for the Jo Daviess

Co. board Economic Development and Planning Committee voted 4 to 3 against the Bos Dairy . Their job was to review the

proposal and make a recommendation to the remaining board . Next Monday Feb. 11 the complete board makes their recommendation. It is extremely critical we get a no vote out of the board. Then it goes to Dept. of Ag. who has final say

in 15 days to issue permits. God forbid that would happen. But they are the ones pushing for this .

If you have any ISA members in the area on Monday night please ask them if they would like to come to the meeting at the Jo Daviess Co Courthouse. Or contact the Illinois Dept. of Ag , Lisa Madigan, Gov.Rod... There are addresses on our Web.


Mike I do not want to be a pain but we need help. And the Apple River and Apple River State Park are worth fighting for.

Thanks again Mike.

George McPhillips

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If you haven't already done so, please go to www.stopthemegadairy.org for e-mail addresses and get sending.


I just looked up pounds of waste produced per day. A well fed dairy cow produces 100-120 pounds of waste per day. A human averages 2.5 pounds of waste per day. If my math is correct, 1 cow = 40 humans. 40 x 13,000 = 520,000. That tells me that they intend to store, in open lagoons, an amount of waste comparable to that produced by a city with a population of half of a million people!?! Somebody check my math!


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