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New info. concerning the mega farm

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I got this message from Mike Domrzalski. Mike is a long time ISA member and has been fishing the Apple longer than anyone I know. Here is what he has found out:







I did see it on the ISA site last night. Made a few calls this morning and from what I was told most of the board members are against it. A couple are for it because of financial interests, which should disqualify them from voting because of conflict of interest issues. However, the boards vote is nonbinding and is advisory only. I was told that the USDA is the Federal organization supporting this operation. A number of residents from the town of Warren have filed lawsuits, so perhaps they can make this venture financially unappealing. I gave the board member a bit of history concerning fish kills on the Apple which he knew nothing about. I did mention that the Apple watershed is prone to massive gully washers and in fact suffered two back to back 100 year floods in 2003, one in July the other in August. You know that this pond will overflow. I also warned him about wind farms too which are another scam rearing their ugly head in Illinois and in that part of the state.


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