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Volunteers for fly show

John Loebach

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We need volunteers to work the Great Waters Fly Show next Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Friday start at 2:30 pm till close at 8or 9 pm. Saturday start at 9am to 1pm early shift -1pm to close at 6 pm. Sunday 9am to 1pm early shift - 1pm to close at 6pm. We need 2 to 4 per shift , if we have 4 everyone will have some time out of the booth during your time slot. If you can only work a couple of hours sign up, any help is appreciated. Please post if you can fill a time slot. Thanks, John

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I think I can be penciled in for Sunday morning. John, I'll call you to confirm by Tuesday as well. However, I don't want to work with that Jude guy. I might let the secret techniques about my winning crayfish pattern slip out while chatting.


Boy...some people get awfully cocky with one measly victory. Besides...it's only fair that you let out some secrets about your ...ahem..."winning" pattern, since I already gave away my "belly button lint dubbing" secret.

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