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ISA outing and events

Rick D.

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Does anyone or is there a list/calendar of ALL the planned fishing outings, work days and events for 2008.


I have about 4-5 extra weeks to waste away sampling smallmouth waters this year. I need to confirm date ASAP.

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Rich gave the regional coordinators a Feb 6 deadline to get our '08 outings onto the calendar. The NW region outings will be up soon. Hope you can make a few.....Jude

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I have to turn in my vacation reservations by Friday. I'll just pulls a few weeks and hope.



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Rick ,


I am lucky , can take my vacation a day at a time if I like generally with a weeks notice , I can get away with less on occasion but like to stay on the good side on the guy who does the scheduling .


PM me and we can work out something if nothing in the ISA schedule fits yours .

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Rick: these dates (NW Region) are 99% firm, but not officially on the calendar yet.


April 27 Kishwaukee wade


June 21 Kish float


July 12 Apple wade


August 17 Rock River wade


Sept 20 Kish float

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