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A little self promotion

Scott Ferguson

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Guest rich mc

i have always said that it is a magazine rather than a newsletter. it actually should be called the official magazine of the isa. scott has a way of making it better all the time.it is the most important item the members get. rich

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I agree. No way we're getting a guy from Alabama through our in state promotions.


Plus we're getting some really nice wide spread promo.


It was cool Al Agnew said nice things, basically we're the only smallmouth publication around.



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My favorite quote:

I've always believed that river smallmouth fishing deserves to be as "classy" as flyfishing for trout, but there just isn't the literary tradition in river smallie fishing. There isn't a bunch of authors that either write extremely well (like John Gierach), or who spend a lot of time equating smallie fishing to mid-life crisis and existentialism like they do with flyfishing.



Well, that and the part where Joz claims he is going to try and "find" a photo of an Illinois smallmouth.

Hope he posts a photo of the equipment that landed it as well.


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