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Alternative tactics

Norm M

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Did anybody read the article in the new In Fisherman about alternative jigging for walleyes ?


I'm not talking about the part about threading the crawler on but about using jigs with spinners already built in . The way the jigs are presented is intriguing but I think using them like a swim jig may be appilcable too .


I know in another thread roadrunner type jigs were mentioned and I'll bet they don't get used as much as they should . I know I'm definitely in that crowd that underuses or doesn't use them .


I have had success in the past with the road runner type baits as well as whistler jigs tipped with soft plastics . I am going to make an effort this year to revisit those baits as well as try some of the jigs mentioned in the article . They may work out as well as swim jigs in dealing with the increased amount of weeds on my flow and may well work on a certain smaller flow a little north of me .



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Just thinking as I read your topic about how to take and ordinary jig and make it special. What if you take and attach a Colorado Leaf to a swivel with a split ring then with a somewhat larger split ring slip it over the jig hook and on to the head before you slide on the trailer. This would allow you to add a spinner and you could make it as large or small as you like and use whatever spinner you would like. Just a thought about how it could be done with a standard jig. I hope at least one person follows me on this.

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Gary ,


How about putting the spinnerblade on a snapswivel, putting the snapswivel in a silicone or rubber tube and sliding the tube and the ring of the snapswivel over the hook onto the hook shank after the plastic is on ? Might be easier to do although it would require taking the spinner assembly off when changing the plastic .


Too much work for this old fart , I'll just buy the jigs ready made with a spinner on it and spend the extra time making a few more casts .

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