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Conservation- A Play On Words

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Without stopping to think real hard.....


When I say the word "CONSERVATION", what is the first thing that comes to mind for you?

Just hit reply and type it in.




The answers may surprise us.


Small rural streams. Don't ask me why.

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I did say the responses would be interesting, huh?


Rich- you've probably moved more "rock" than anyone I know outside of my chosen profession in construction.


Great responses from all so far.


There are a couple of words I'm expecting to see.....

Anyone else?

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Speaking of Conservation....


I have 2 things I'd like to say...


One, I think it's time people who run for elected postions should be held responsible for their left over campaign posters! I have found more than my fair share clogging drainage systems. They also get blown into forest preserve areas. I would like to propose these officials are fined for every poster left and found after the day of an election. These people think it's ok to post them and leave them. Wrong! I think a $50 dollar bounty should be placed on each one paid at the expense of the official whose name is on the sign.


The second thing I'd like to say is, now's the time to do the clean ups. I was at my are of the Dupe yesterday and picked up 15 bag fulls of trash...that was just in the parking lot area! I never made it to the river. Now's the time because much of the debris is visable...it's not occluded by foilage and the walking's easier.


I like to also pick up litter near public areas...it shows people you care...and it teaches younger kids. When they see a person out there with a white bag, they can ask their parents "what's that guy doing?" The idea is to teach the next generation.


I also have picked up right at the feet of other fisherman...I don't have to say anything to them...they get the idea.





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