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Flyfishing Equipment + Flies for Summer Canadian Trip


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Heading up to Eagle Lake in Ontario, Canada in early July and would appreciate any commentary in terms of flyfishing equipment and flies.


During the day, we'll be out with our spinning equipment in our guide's boat, jigging for walleyes as we have done with great success in prior years. However, during the early evening hours until one hour after sunset, we typically go after smallies and northerns. This year I plan to try my hand pursuing these prey with a fly rod which prompts the following questions . . .


1. Planning to take one fly rod + reel besides my regular spinning and bait casting equipment. Plan to take my 8-weight rod loaded with 9-weight line instead of my 6-weight rod. Comments?!?


2. The reason for taking my heavier rod + reel are obvious . . . big northern and muskie. What flies would you suggest? Thanks to Stuart and my fellow Bass Buggers, I hope to learn enough about tying my own flies before leaving.


3. I also plan to fish for smallmouth, but would only have my heavier rod and fly line. What flies do you suggest for pursuing smallies up north with heavier equipment? Bigger wooley buggers and clouser minnows? Or would my heavier rod + fly line be OK for casting the same size smallie flies that I use around here?


Thanks, in advance, for your comments . . . most appreciative!!!



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Since you'll be using a powerful 8wt might as well fish the biggest flies you can comfortably cast hoping they'll attract the bigger fish.The usual assortment of streamers are fine but my first choice especially for early a.m. or evening fishing at that time of year would be bassbugs.My experience is that they catch bigger smallies on average and provide the added

thrill of a surface strike. Streamers would be best for northerns however.

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I recall seeing a photo of the Dahlberg Diver in Infish a while ago , it looked like it would appeal to either species and would prolly go well with your gear .


How about spinner flies , I would think they would work as well .

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