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Bass Buggers at Anglers International


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The Bass Buggers tied for the first time at Angler's International, located in the same spot as the old Ed Shirley, Palatine store. Same place, completely different fishing store. Steve Neu and his staff are to be congratulated on the transformation. AIR is a general tackle store that has a good fly fishing section including vises, tools and tying materials. The staff at AIR was very helpful to all who came to tie and even went so far as to extend a 10% discount on everything in the store to all who attended our first session.


We tied a fly called the Lithuanian Bat or as John L said, rabbit strip tied to a jig hook with barbell eyes.


There was a good turnout and we tied two colors: crawfish and black. This pattern can be found on excellent Ohio State Site: http://www.flyfishohio.com./Adventures_in_Fly_Tying.htm


I have no idea what we'll tie next session which has been changed from Feb 14th (for all the appropriate reasons) to Feb. 21st. So if you have time and want to a.) tie a fly or b.) learn to tie a fly, all of the materials are provided and someone there will help if your fingers feel a little big.


Thanks to Cory, John, Al, Steve, Gregg, and Kurt for coming out on a rainy night. It was fun to tie with you guys again. Hopefully I see all of you, and more at the next meeting. Remember it will be February 21st and not Valentine's day. I've sent photos to Gregg who will be posting them sometime in the next couple of days.




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