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Copper Slough gasoline spill near Champaign

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Does any one have any information on a tanker truck spill near Champaign the day after Christmas. 10,000gallons of fuel were being carried when the truck over turned. Some of it did flow into Copper Slough, that empties into the Kaskaskia. I saw a picture of a dead fish in the local paper, but I did not hear about the results of clean up efforts. Tim S. do you have an update?

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Holy crap!


I left town a few days after Christmas and have been packing and planning for a long trip to Central America.


This totally slipped under my radar, Dick. I'll check it out.


Copper Slough feeds the Kaskaskia which enters Lake Shelbyville. It also receives effluent from Champaign's sewage treatment plant downstream from the spill site. It's poor smallmouth habitat at best, but a few were collected there recently and Trent Thomas and others (including myself) have been hoping to get a smallmouth population re-established above Lake Shelbyville (they disappeared in the Kaskaskia above Lake Shelbyville when the dam was built).


Edit: http://illinoishomepage.net/content/fulltext/?cid=10437


This article seems to be minimizing the effects of the spill. Hopefully they're right. They're talking about the spill occurring near Kaufman Lake in the article. Kaufman lake is a park districk lake with a reasonable urban largemouth population in it. All of these waterways are in urban areas.

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